Iceland – Snaefellsnes Peninsula – 3.21.15: Back to Budir

After a great night’s rest, we awoke to the end of the storm and enjoyed at least 10 rainbows when we hopped back on the road. We enjoyed a bit of skyr, which is an amazing high protein “cheese” that has the consistency of thick yogurt but tastes a lot better.  We enjoyed a morning drive to Stykkisholmur, the other “large” city on the peninsula where we enjoyed a chilly hike up to the lighthouse near the dock. The lighthouse was built atop a huge outcrop of basalt columns and it all overlooked the “city”.

20150321_125144  20150321_125223  20150321_125110

We hopped back into the car, counted six rainbows that we spotted along our way back to Hotel Budir where we checked in, enjoyed lunch and sat in the bar area to enjoy soaking in the scenery. Our room nestled into the top floor of the old hotel had a great view out the window to one of the only other buildings nearby – a church that was built in 1702. We are about to enjoy yet another gourmet meal, beverages and we just put in for the “aurora alarm” which the hotel says turns into an all night happy hour – “the bar doesn’t close as long as someone is in there enjoying it”… we are hoping to test that out tonight!

20150321_163744. 20150321_152138. WIN_20150321_114450  P1020607  P1020610  P1020620

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