Iceland – Skogafoss – 9.26.2015: An Icelandic Wedding

The next morning started the same way the previous one did – we woke up too late for breakfast. It ended at 10am and we couldn’t seem to adjust enough get to the cafe in time. We did make a mental note that if we are ever to open up a restaurant abroad, or even locally, breakfast would be served until at least noon if not all day. Today was the big day of the wedding! The entire day was spent helping the bride and groom to have the most perfect day possible. The weather decided it was the one day during the week to rain and gust to the point that we knew that the locals weren’t kidding when they said that it makes no sense holding an umbrella above your head because the rain comes from the side.
Our friends chose to be married in the sweetest church outside of Skogafoss, about an hour down the road from the hotel. We were treated to a hilarious, meaningful and awe inspiring ceremony by Heroldar – someone who had been presiding over the area for 30 years. It was an especially perfect ceremony despite the weather. The bride and groom were stunning and it was a perfectly customized affair suited just for them. Matt and I followed the couple around after the ceremony to help with picture set up and dress fluffing. The couple were troopers to endure the weather for some beautiful shots.
We returned to the hotel, changed out of our completely drenched formal wear, and put on the nicest clothes we had with us – jeans and a sweater. We enjoyed amazing food, excellent music and dancing, and simply celebrated our friends in a very memorable evening. To our surprise, the corporate party that was happening upstairs at the hotel invited the wedding party to join their dance-floor and we danced the night away with the generous and friendly Icelandic branch of Gallup. The whole day was perfect and we were glad to get to know their friends and family and be a part of their special day.

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