4/9/16 Pod Trip #1: Kanaskat Palmer State Park – WA

WE ARE POD PEOPLE! There comes a time in every person’s life when international travel gives way to more local adventures. For us, the pending arrival of our first kiddo helped us make the decision to upgrade our tent to something a little more comfy for a growing family. In April of this year, we set out to “look” at a few older model campers and fell in love with a brand new R-POD 179.

My husband has earned the title Pod-Modder for all of the great mods he has added to the camper. Food and adventuring will still be our M.O. – just on a different scale.


Kanaskat-Palmer is a quick 20 minutes from our house, so we figured it was a great, quick shake down trip. We didn’t really stay there long, just long enough to figure out how to tow without the help of our tow-savvy friends, set up, sleep and head out the next morning – so unlike other trips we don’t have much to say about the actual park except its a fantastic forested stop close to home.We stayed in site #5 – which was a great, level, pull-through site. Perfect for a towing noob. You get quite a bit of privacy at these forested sites, you can still see your neighbors, but there is plenty of tree coverage to make you feel like its your own little spot in the woods.

On the food side, we have tried several different ways to make the perfect cup of coffee – and the Moka Express made in Italy is the most fantastic way to get the best tasting rich coffee while out camping. Other than that, not much excitement to share other than our FIRST CAMPING TRIP IN THE NEW RPOD! More info on the RPOD here.



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